Summer Garden

I have been absent from this blog in July, guess where I have been?  This doodle by Andre Jordan sums it up for me.  It is from my favorite gardening website "A Way To Garden"

My summer garden is progressing nicely, dependent, as always, on Mother Nature.  This season started out cool and wet. The sun and heat finally arrived and so did the tomatoes.  Unfortunately, many of my tomatoes have developed blossom end rot.  This is when the bottom of the tomato turns brown and the fruit is rotten. It is caused by poor uptake of calcium into the tomato plant.  This can be from poor calcium in the soil that can be treated with Lime (from the garden store, not from the grocery) and by even watering.  Overwatering can wash away the calcium or decrease the plants ability to uptake the calcium in the soil.  There is a spray on the market for blossom end rot that is not effective as plants do not take in calcium via leaves, stems, flowers or fruit.  Next year I will amend soil before planting.  Another lesson learned outside in the garden.