Do you like potatoes? Do you want a fun thing to do with your children? You can grow potatoes in containers, bags or in the ground. This year I am planting them in the ground, as I am expanding my garden and now have the space for them. For me, harvesting potatoes transforms me into a child and I am excited every time I find a potato in the ground. My sister came for a visit and dug the trenches on a beautifully sunny Sunday. The next trick is keeping Charlie the puppy from digging up the planted potatoes! I found two of them in the yard, had to replace them in the dirt and add extra dirt and leaves.

If you do not have the space to plant potatoes in the ground you can grow them in the bags. I have found burlap bags to have higher productivity than the garbage cans I had used in the past. The picture you see with this post is of my friends's harvest last year. All you need is a burlap bag, some good compost and seed potatoes or chits. A potato chit is a potato that has been placed in a warm dry area and allowed to sprout before planting.

If using a bag you roll the sides of the bag down and place the sprouted potatoes in 2-4 inches of soil or compost. Sprout side up. Cover with a few inches of soil. Place the bag in the sun. Keep it watered but not drenched. When the plants reach 5-6 inches high, roll up the sides of the bag again and fill with dirt. When the plant starts to die off at the end of the summer simply empty out the potatoes and reuse the dirt.

Happy gardening!