Welcome to gardenRN

Welcome to my blog

I originally wanted to call this blog/business something like “Gardening for Health Care Workers” or “The busy persons guide to gardening” but came up with GardenRN instead.  Why GardenRN?  Who doesn’t need help with their veggies?  Who doesn't need some inspiration from a healthy medical professional to help get them outside to grow their own food?  Everyone needs a little help and encouragement.  Gardening doesn't have to be the back breaking, double digging disaster that it may have been in the past.  It is my goal busy reader, to provide some guidance, expertise, encouragement and the tools to help you grow your own food.  Square foot gardening and straw bale gardening are my specialty. I have grown food in swimming pools, burlap sacks and all sizes of containers.  I hope you can join me for the ride and hopefully be able to plant something that you can eat!