Monarch Butterfly in the backyard!

Monarch Butterfly in the backyard!

Butterfly launching from our own habitat in our yard!

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See our recommended reading

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Cobrahead Weeder

The gardenRN just loves this weeder!  The Cobrahead Weeder is the best tool I have found for getting through hard soil and getting weeds the first time.  The handle is very comfortable for my hands and works better than any other I have tried. 

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Meet the gardenRN

My name is Judy  Plier and I am an avid gardener and a Registered Nurse.  I am passionate about growing my own food and believe that everyone, no matter where they live or how busy they are can grow something to eat.   Read More

Health Tip of the Month

Craving something sweet?  Make yourself a cup of aromatic tea, sit down for a moment of quiet and drink it slowly.  Take a deep breath, smell the aromatics and give yourself a few minutes to relax. Sometimes the craving for something sweet is accompanied by stress or strong emotion and by stopping and taking a moment for yourself you can beat a trip to the pantry for a plate of cookies.